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Yankees vs. Pirates

This was vintage stuff. A late start on Friday after two Met wins in the other bracket, was watched by the remaining players, fiance's, neighbors, and others. It was the 16 year old Murr against the 13 season vet Gadani. Coming into this, Murr had never started a playoff game and had only played in... Continue Reading →


We had an amazing regular season. A lot of surprises, a lot of new faces, and a lot of games. The pitching became better than last year and we saw the batting averages drop a bit which is a classic thing to see. Especially when the MLB goes more towards offense, we go vintage with... Continue Reading →

Mid-Season (+ 2 weeks) Write Up

Well here we are...the halfway point of the season. To say that we are stunned by a lot of things is a total understatement. For the first time ever we have more than 3 teams (4) with at least 25GP. The Mets are right on the doorstep of doing exactly that as well. We could... Continue Reading →

League Update

Exactly four weeks has passed since we started with that world series rematch between the Pilots and the Yankees. A lot has happened since and we try to keep it all archived via the Twitter page, Facebook live streams, and and other photos and such. But, on here we like to go a little more... Continue Reading →

Manny K. Weekend Recap

It was an eight game weekend that showed basically everything and anything can happen in this league. It's early in the season but minus the weather, it felt like what the last few weeks of the season feel like. All the teams playing (except the Pilots), marathon days of games, and some old faces make... Continue Reading →

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