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Manny K. Weekend Recap

It was an eight game weekend that showed basically everything and anything can happen in this league. It's early in the season but minus the weather, it felt like what the last few weeks of the season feel like. All the teams playing (except the Pilots), marathon days of games, and some old faces make... Continue Reading →

Return of Manny K. PT. 5

Well before we get into it, this event has become a yearly occurring thing (with the exception of 2015) since Manny K. (Alex Kalpaxis) left the area and Colonie Wiffleball after the 2010 season. Since then, like KISS, we've had many different send offs and events. We've had a "Farewell To Manny Tour",  "The Return... Continue Reading →

Opening Weekend Recap

What a weekend! An Opening Weekend full of surprises that a lot of us did not see coming. The weekend started off with what was thought to be a pitchers duel between Anthony Lavalley and Michael Ilyadis. Ilyadis only lasted three innings and ended up giving up eight runs before bringing in Alen Kalic. Schoonie... Continue Reading →

Opening Weekend Prequel

Well, here we go again. Another season is upon us and a lot of achievements are on the table to be had this season. We already wrote predictions to the year so, this post is more for the league as a whole. This is our 20th season since the league re-emerged in 1998 with only... Continue Reading →

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