Opening Weekend Prequel

Well, here we go again. Another season is upon us and a lot of achievements are on the table to be had this season. We already wrote predictions to the year so, this post is more for the league as a whole. This is our 20th season since the league re-emerged in 1998 with only five players at that time. Now the league has grown over the years, about 100 people have played (not including the 70’s & 80’s), many teams have come and gone, and the field changed twice to what everyone recognizes it as today. But, our passion and desire to play a game so close to baseball and so close to us, has not changed in the slightest.

The Mets and the Pilots (former Mariners) along with the Rockies are among the top topics in the league. The Mets will start their season on Sunday with four games. Two against the Pilots, and two against the Pirates. It should be a great ‘break in’ day for them, they’ll definitely have no easy way out. Whispers of some early season struggles and growing pains in the AWAA have been thrown around them but with a good trio of pitchers, one must not underestimate the boys from Vermont when they adjust. The Pilots begin their season the way it ended…against the Yankees. The Yankees looking to defend their first title since 2011, will be sending Ilyadis to face off against Lavalley on Friday night at 8PM. The game will be broadcast live on the league’s Facebook page which has a link on the home bar. This match up will be the fourteenth time Ilyadis and Lavalley have squared off with a record of 7-7 against one another. But just one game for Friday night before the rest of the Opening Weekend opens up.

Saturday, the Pirates open up against the Yankees at 4:30. For Jorge, this will be his 28th season, For Pirates ace, Anthony Gadani, this is season number 13, and for Kyle Girgenti, his “senior season”. He has been outspoken publicly, saying that he will hit .450 with 22 homers, and get at least 5 wins on the hill. The hitting looks great thus far through spring training but his key focus was pitching during the off-season and we shall see what develops over the season. The Pirates will need his bat and his arm to make for a solid lineup and trio for their rotation. For Alen Kalic on the Yankees, a little struggle at the plate in limited spring at-bats but, the development in his pitching could make the Yankees have a true ‘phalanx line’ of a rotation. But great offense always is around in this league and Zach Kean is poised to be at the top of the leader boards and use last year as a stepping stone to .600 this year. There are a lot of records, milestones, and other personal achievements to look out for this year and rather than announce them year, we will let the season unfold them when they come.

It shall be great to see what happens and our Facebook live broadcast and league Twitter page which is linked here to the website, will keep you updated throughout the weekend and throughout the season. Can’t wait to get this season underway in just over 48 hours.


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