Colonie Wiffle Ball News

2021 Write Up

Colonie WIFFLE Ball 2021 Season XXXII It’s that time of year again. Though the weather of the northeast says we should be readying the shovels, hats, and gloves again. But Ilyadis Field is being prepped for its twenty-fourth season and it is season number thirty-two for Colonie WIFFLE Ball. The second season in which we... Continue Reading →

2020 Updates

Hope everyone is staying safe, keeping healthy, and following necessary quarantine protocols. We have been, but we have grown bored and anxious to play. Our 2020 season could be right around the corner. We have a couple of different dates that keep spinning around and we hope to get to them to start the season... Continue Reading →

2020 Vision

Another new year and a new season. Our 31st season to be exact. It's amazing to see where the game has evolved to in those 31 seasons. From the streets and driveways to a backyard 'Field of Dreams'. Now that the new year is here we can recap some changes and awards from our 2019... Continue Reading →

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