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Manny K. : The Infinity Tour

It's almost that time again. "The Manny Cometh" as he would say. Manny K. is on his way back to NY for a Labor Day weekend arrival. He looks to give the ole' Pirates, a little cannon fire. He has come back for the last three seasons if you include this year and has usually... Continue Reading →

Pre-September Write Up

It has been an exciting summer for us! Despite a ton of rain outs, losing a team, and a couple of other issues, this has been a season to remember. The Phillies led by Alen Kalic have made a splash. In the second half of the year, they have been picking up the pace. Rookie... Continue Reading →

Opening Weekend 30

Yes, thirty seasons have gone by in Colonie Wiffleball's history. There were so many headlines coming into this weekend. The Yankees team attendance, the Yankees rookies, the Phillies first game, Alen Kalics managerial decisions, Jorge on the DL missing his first opening day ever, the Mets' rookie, and their WS hangover. Friday Night:  A preview... Continue Reading →

2018 Pre-Preview

You can smell it......... The 2018 season is right around the corner. With March coming in on Thursday, it has awoken some of the players in Colonie Wiffleball to the yearly mayhem. 2017 was one for the books. Looking back at it, it was transitional year. A lot of up's and down's, a lot of... Continue Reading →

Playoffs 2017

Another exciting year in the books. The Mets become the first expansion team in history to win a WS title in their debut season. They were the number one all year and steam rolled through the first round the first round of the playoffs. They met an experienced Yankee team in the WS team who... Continue Reading →

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