2020 Updates

Hope everyone is staying safe, keeping healthy, and following necessary quarantine protocols. We have been, but we have grown bored and anxious to play.

Our 2020 season could be right around the corner. We have a couple of different dates that keep spinning around and we hope to get to them to start the season soon. We are also taking extreme protocols to ensure player safety and to ensure we are able to play the season in case any issues come up.

Game/League Policies (until further notice):

  • Follow NYS and CDC Guidelines
  • No extra players or spectators than those who need to be present
  • Batting gloves for all non-pitching players
  • Players encouraged to bring/use their own bat (pending check)
  • Each team will be supplied with 10 balls (5 per pitcher)
  • Encourage bringing own hand sanitizer (above 60% ethanol)
  • Masks can be worn and are encouraged to be worn
  • Bats and balls will be cleaned and sanitized in a rotational manner hence the 10 balls per team policy
  • Some sanitizing products will be made available but due to supply and demand, this is why we encourage as many players as possible bring their own

What’s Available Now?

We have a ton of existing content and new content on the way to fill your Wiffleball cravings. We recently upgraded our YouTube page. It will have classic series, games, highlights, and re-broadcasting of our Twitch streams of ‘MLB The Show’. We also have some special 2020 content featuring full, team interviews on their upcoming 2020 seasons.



This will have a few of our players from different teams playing against one another in ‘MLB The Show’. It is a league that the players have created and are constantly streaming and playing on to keep each other in a baseball/wiffleball mode. Streams vary based on when players decide to play. Always check in to see what we are doing there.




This will constantly have our stats, polls, highlights, graphics, and quick updates of all things Colonie Wiffleball. We hope to have 2020 Interview content on there as soon as possible.

We also have our Facebook page available. The link is in the home page on the website here. There is not a shortage of content from Colonie Wiffleball. Like, subscribe, stream, and always comment in on the action. We can’t wait to get back out there and we hope to be streaming to you soon. Until then, stay safe out there, and we will be back soon.

Colonie Wiffleball

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