Manny K. Weekend Recap

It was an eight game weekend that showed basically everything and anything can happen in this league. It’s early in the season but minus the weather, it felt like what the last few weeks of the season feel like. All the teams playing (except the Pilots), marathon days of games, and some old faces make their returns.

The celebrity of the weekend did alright in his return and just jumping right into the fire. It is a good time of the year too to be playing. Pitchers haven’t yet found their fool groove, and the offense usually is starting to take off at this point. Manny went 4 for 25 (.160) with, 4 RBI’s, and 10 BB. 35 plate appearances in six games is not too shabby. The one key moment was his save in the last game of the weekend where he closed out a two and a half inning save against the Rockies in relief of Kyle Girgenti who picked up his first win of the year on the mound.


The Mets picked up a win but fell to 4-4 on the year. Still .500 with only 3 of 5 teams being at that mark of better. Josh Camp has been the most impressive out of the bunch. He’s batting .600 (2nd in the league), fourth in hits (24), and leading in OBP with a mark of .692! On the hill, he has a tough loss against the Yankees but stands at 1-2 with a 3.57 ERA. The control is pretty amazing too with only 2 walks surrendered in 14 innings pitched this season.

The Yankees picked up four wins this weekend despite starting off the weekend a little weak. They’re now on six game winning streak and are starting to wake up their bats. They could use some production out of a couple of players on both sides and the defense has been a bit suspect compared to what we are used to seeing out of them. But, it seems that they’re starting to pick it up. Fitz picked up his first W in his first start of the year against the Pirates on Friday beating Anthony Gadani, 7-4.

Speaking of Anthony, he was on tear on both sides of the ball. He was 1-1 with 16K’s, and a 1.82 ERA on the weekend, lowering his ERA to 2.05 on the season with 29K’s (2nd in the league) in just 22 innings. At the plate in 6 games, He hit .696 with 3 homers, and 12 RBI’s. Also picked up two walkoff hits, one against the Mets, and the walk-off dagger against the Rockies in extra innings on Sunday. It was a duel between him and Dakota Jackson of the Rockies in which ended up in a 1-0 win for the Pirates but, both pitchers He’s off to a great start. And his Pirates are starting to warm up. Now 5-6 after losing 6 in a row, came back and won three in a row this weekend. They have the best team ERA in the league at 3.73 and every pitcher has a .500 record on the mound. Could this Manny K. weekend be exactly what they needed? Here are the scores for the weekend.

Manny Weekend scores.

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