Mid-Season (+ 2 weeks) Write Up

Well here we are…the halfway point of the season. To say that we are stunned by a lot of things is a total understatement. For the first time ever we have more than 3 teams (4) with at least 25GP. The Mets are right on the doorstep of doing exactly that as well. We could have all teams by years end, with 35 games played. As a league, we have never had that happen. The pitching has been incredible and batting averages rather than power numbers are really good. We have a lot of players showing off how good they are as pure hitters. We have 55% of the league who has batted in at least 20 games, Six players with at least 10 homers, and 55% of the league hitting over .400.

Player Highlights:

  • Anthony Gadani: He’s picking up right where he left off last season. Three homers off his mark from last year but, the RBI’s, Hits, and AVG. are all up. Not to mention he has moved into 8th place on the all-time home run list with 224 long balls. There are some big names he is approaching in that category, but we dare not speak about them here. On the pitching side of things, for third year in a row, the ERA is dropping and it is below 4.00 for the first time since 2013. He is on pace for his most innings pitched in a season since 2008 at the rate he is going. And with a 6-5 record, he inches closer to another above .500 season on the hill and is 14 wins from 100 in his career. Oh and then there’s the 1000 K mark he also reached this year.
  • Tom McGuckin: We all knew about Josh Camp’s mound presence and some offensive things but, what Tom is doing for the Mets is crazy. A 2-3, 4.24 mark on the hill puts him at 7th among the top leaders in ERA. At the plate, he is a machine. He is hitting .467/13 HR/57 RBI. He also leads the league in doubles with 11. For a rookie in this league, that is really something. He is a ways off of the rookie home run record of 43 (Cory Schoonmaker) but, with a few rookies in the league this year, he is making his case for ROY and a Gold Glove.

There are only 9 weeks left in the season. The bottom three teams are pretty close to one another. It is going to make for an interesting finish. The Rockies with a few wins here and there and some losses by other teams could move them up rather quickly too. The tight race is between the Mets and Pirates. The two are getting back to .500 marks and the Mets currently have the longest active winning streak in the league at five right now. We shall see how everything develops in the coming weeks and don’t forget to stay updated on our Twitter page as well as the website here. There is a lot of content. The YouTube page is also slowly getting upgraded and we will be able to post videos here to give more content to watch.



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