Playoffs 2017

Another exciting year in the books. The Mets become the first expansion team in history to win a WS title in their debut season. They were the number one all year and steam rolled through the first round the first round of the playoffs. They met an experienced Yankee team in the WS team who they beat in the fifth ever Game 9 in league history. There were a lot of things swirling around this series but sticking to the positives here. The Mets had one of the biggest comebacks in WS history in Game 7 with an 8 run comeback from a catastrophic Yankee bullpen collapse. This and a dragged out series wore down the streaky Yankees team. Their bats went silent, and the Mets used their “asset” (Josh Camp) to win all five of their games and get two big game winning hits in the series. No doubt he is the MVP. They should be proud of this accomplishment and become the third different team in the last three years to win a series in Colonie Wiffleball. The series flip-flopped with 2 streaks until that win in game 7 where the Mets took off. Josh Camp began the year with a strikeout and ended with one against Michael Murray, a pitcher who had beat him three times this year (including the playoffs) and beat him twice and took him deep in Game 9. Congrats to the Mets! And looking forward to next year.

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