2017 Predictions

So 2017….

What have we got so far? Well it’s March and it’s a little early to start calling things out and getting ahead of ourselves but, if ESPN gets to do, why can’t we?

For the first time ever (on paper), we have six teams listed in our standings with fully stacked rosters. Despite this being exciting, we will see how long and if these teams stick around. It’s not us being pessimistic but, based on what has happened in the past, we wouldn’t be surprised if a couple of teams don’t stick around. If they do though or even if they don’t, this is going to be one of the most anticipated seasons in years. There hasn’t been this much anticipation probably since 2008 when the Dodger trio rumor became a reality and a WS appearing team and battled the status quo Yankee-Red Sox matchups and surprised the Red Sox by defeating them in the regular season and in the LCS. But they also developed the intense rivalry with the Yankees which came to an epic final act in the ’08 fall classic.

That same excitement is already seeded now. Whether or not it synthesizes and heats up or stays cold and in the dark, time will only tell. There are two significant story lines for this year that stand out.

  1. The Mariners picked up five time CY Young winner, Anthony Lavalley who will be the ace and pitching mentor to the growing Pat Lasch. Pat sits on threshold of being a dominant two starter and to be under the wing of Anthony Lavalley, it couldn’t be any better of a situation. But their offense is their best weapon. Lasch has 15-20 homers in him in a 35+ game schedule, Lavalley has proven in three seasons that he has 30-100 power, and of course team manager Cory Schoonmaker in full seasons has set some records. Remember he did set the rookie HR record in 2012 with 43 long balls. These three could easily power 100 home runs in 45-50 games.
  2. The Mets from Vermont are the other hot topic of discussion in the league early on. Likely to be led by ace, Josh Camp who Colonie Wiffleball faced a couple of times in October in the SVWB Tournament. A consistent and accurate power fastball will likely be able to make an impact as a rookie in this league. They’re rumored to come stocked with three quality arms and some offense. These guys could really make an impact when they stick around the whole year and adjust. They’re a perfect fit for the league and they have same passion to just play like the lot of us do here in the Capital Region.

You will also have the Rockies with Steve Bennett and Dakota Jackson, and the Cubs led by Jimmy Cole and a host promising rookie stars that have committed to the year. We hope they will stick around for the entire year seeing all the work that is being put forward to make sure they stick around. But nonetheless, it is only March 11th (Happy 311 day) and the season probably five weeks away.

Here are the 2017 predictions:

Standings:                                                        Home Runs:                                                Wins:

  1. Yankees (40-20)                              1. Mike Ilyadis (53)                               1. Mike Ilyadis (16)
  2. Mets (19-13)                                      2. Anthony Lavalley (38)                    2. Lavalley (14)
  3. Mariners (22-16)                             3. Zach Kean (36)                                   3. Josh Camp (11)
  4. Pirates (21-33)                                  4. Anthony Gadani (27)                      4. Gadani (11)
  5. Cubs (7-5)                                          5. Cory Schoonmaker (21)                  5. Murray II (9)
  6. Rockies (6-6)


  • Cy Young: Anthony Lavalley
  • MVP: Zach Kean
  • ROY: Josh Camp
  • Gold Gloves
    • P: Anthony Gadani
    • 1B: Murray II
    • OF: Zach Kean
  • Comeback Player: Jimmy Cole


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